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Chris - my ancestry


It turns out that I have a relatively equal amount of Norweigan and British DNA (both approx 40% each) and a smattering of Northern European making up the rest,


I have made contact with my brother, sister and numerous 1st and 2nd cousins on both sides of the family. It has been eye-opening and doing a new family tree has revealed some fascinating lineage lines and scandals too!  For instance, I am a direct relative of the founder of Twinnings Team (Thomas Twinning), I have maily that has spread to every corner of the globe and when I was younger, in New Zealand, lived very close to various members of my birth family.  If you are interested in reading more (and you are a Ancestry subscriber/member), once our contact form is online, drop me a line and we can chat more!


If you are considering doing the DNA test in order to find out more about WHO you are, do it!

I was born in New Zealand and was adopted as a baby by my adoptive parents (AP). My AP ensured that I knew I was adopted and told me that if I ever wanted to find out more about by Birth Mother, they would support me through the process.  They knew some basic information:


My mothers name

My fathers nationality


Last Christmas, I decided to buy the Ancestry DNA kit and see what, if any, information this would provide me with.  After waiting 8 weeks or so, the results arrived by email and I was...surprised! It turns out that I have a number of siblings from both parents respective families (who I am now in contact with), the name that my AP's had for my birth mother was one of her aliases and my birth father is alive and living in New Zealand.