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2020 marked the 11th anniversary of our Civil Parnership. A lot has happened since 2009. We moved from cental London to SW London in 2015 and purchased an appartment in Bangkok. Our plans were revolving around moving to Thailand at an undertmined date in the future.


In the interveeing time, I was part of the team of EMS professionals in Thailand and overseas who established Kham Nakorn EMS & Rescue, a Foundation (NGO) based in NE Thailand which has quickly established itself as a leading training organisation, winning numerous governmental awards and commendations. We deliver water safety training for state schools, state & volunteer EMS personnel and several goverment departments, including Thai Border Police.


We are working in partnership with a number of state and private organisations in developing a new EMS syllabus for volunteers and paid EMS staff.

Thailand - soon to be our new home!


Last year, 2019, we decided to buy an off the plan new build house on a private development in Khon Kaen, This is a 4 bedroom 2 story house in a new development quite close to both the airport and Khon Kaen City. This will be our main home in the North East once we move to Thailand.


Both Eddie and me are resuming study this year. I am applying to university for a MSc course in Emergency Planning and Disaster Management, and Eddie will resume his DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration). I am also undertaking a series of other training/assessment courses too.  We are both undertaking study in order to provide us with relevant qualifications we will require in order to set up our businesses in Thailand.


More to come!